In cases where the donor area (scalp area) is not able to give us a good amount of follicular units, we turn into other areas of the body to extract the follicular units.

Which are the areas that we receive grafts from?

The first option for grafting is the chin, the face, then the chest, the bowel, the spine, the tibia, the genitals or others.

What are the key points of the method?

This particular method of obtaining follicular units through body areas has some key points that should be considered before selecting it, both by the practitioner and the patient.

In summary, from our experience, we must clarify that:

  • Depending on the case, the difficulty in getting the follicular units could be varied.
  • The number of follicular units per session is small.
  • The follicular units are only extracted by the FUE method.
  • There is a delay in hair growth due to the long "resting phase" of the hair cycle.

What is the basic principle in body hair transplantation?

The basic principle in body hair transplantation is that the follicular units gradually adopt the physical characteristics of the transplanted area hair. (Kimetal)

What are the criteria for selecting the area for the body hair transplant?

Before deciding the right and most suitable area, from which  the follicular units will be received, we always take into consideration the aesthetic harmony of the hair in the selected area as well as the hair of the recipient area (scalp).

Also, the density of the follicular units should be over 40 per cm2, with majority of two-hair and three-hair units.


Our 25 years of clinical experience in hair transplantation, combined with our highly trained medical and paramedical staff, are a strong warranty for restoring androgenetic alopecia (of all types) and treating scalp diseases, achieving successful and natural looking results.

For the hair transplantations, we use the two basic techniques of FUE or FUT (STRIP) methods, or a combination of the two, depending on the needs of each patient.


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