The combination of both techniques (combo method) in(erase a) transplant surgery is applied in difficult cases, such as candidates with androgenetic alopecia Norwood class VI - VII and in cases where we want to maximize the number of follicular units.

With this method, we minimize the risk of post-operative scarring with the STRIP method, staying within the donor area and avoiding complete shaving of the scalp.

With the combo technique, follicular units are extracted simultaneously using both methods (STRIP + FUE) in the same session on the same day.

Do we ever apply the combo hair transplant method?

We apply the combo technique in the following cases:

  • In candidates with Norwood class VI-VII, to maximize the number of follicular units received.
  • In all cases of STRIP, which requires maximizing the number of follicular units and minimizing the risk of post-operative scarring.
  • In all cases requiring a large number of follicular units and when the patient would like FUE but does not want to shave his head or undergo body hair transplantation.

What are the key points of the Combo technique in hair transplantation?

The key points of the combo technique are as follows:

  • This method is extremely difficult and requires an experienced physician to apply it.
  • Requires excellent medical knowledge of both STRIP and FUE technique.
  • FUE follicles are difficult to extract because after the STRIP, the hair's shaft becomes sharper due to skin mobilization.
  • It is an extremely time consuming method.
  • It requires a well-organized, trained and experienced medical transplant team to support the doctor.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the combo technique?

In the following figure, you can see the advantages and disadvantages of this method:



Our 25 years of clinical experience in hair transplantation, combined with our highly trained medical and paramedical staff, are a strong warranty for restoring androgenetic alopecia (of all types) and treating scalp diseases, achieving successful and natural looking results.

For the hair transplantations, we use the two basic techniques of FUE or FUT (STRIP) methods, or a combination of the two, depending on the needs of each patient.


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