Eyebrow and eyelash transplantations are an extremely demanding field of hair transplantation,

With a high level of difficulty due to the anatomical, morphological and aesthetic features of the area.

An experienced dermatologist should take into account all the parameters related to these specialties and, after properly informing the transplant candidate, should proceed to the surgery.

What are the instructions for creating an eyebrow?

Proper eyebrow formation should be done before transplantation surgery. At the beginning, the surgeon need to design the final look of the eyebrow and have the patient approve it.

For the formation of the eyebrow, the dermatologist knows that there are three specific instruction as follows:

  • the beginning of the eyebrow (begin brow)
  • the point of arch of the eyebrow (point of arch)
  • the end of the eyebrow, as shown in the figure

What do we need to know about the angle and the direction of the eyebrow hair?

An experienced dermatologist takes into account the angle of growth of the eyebrow hair, which is an acute angle, so that the hairs are almost parallel to the skin.

As a result, in eyebrow transplantation, only one-hair follicular units are placed and the direction is constantly changing, creating the natural expression and direction of the eyebrows.

Which are the ways to extract the follicular units?

The methods of receiving the follicular units depend on the number of units, you need to transplant.

The following ways are suggested:

What are the post operative instruction after an eyebrow transplantation?

The patient who chooses to have an eyebrow transplantation should be aware some important post operative instructions.

In particular, he should know that:

  • For about 7 days there will be small crusts in the area
  • For about 4 weeks there will also be small red spots
  • The hair grow after 3 -4 months
  • The patient can use eyebrow pencil after 3 weeks
  • The hair should be trimmed once a week for a long time.
  • Side effects such as edema, swelling, poor density or poor hair growth may occur.

What are the ways to place the follicular units into the eyebrows?

There are three ways to place the follicular units into the eyebrows:

  • Creating slots and placing them using forceps manually
  • Creating the slots and placing the follicular units with implanters

Each doctor, based on their experience, chooses the most appropriate way for every case.

What about eyelash transplantation?

Single hair follicles are used for eyelashes transplantation.  A small number of follicles, up to 20, can give a very good aesthetic outcome. In eyelash transplantation we use the technique of Marcelo Gandelman MD and Robert Flowers MD.

In this technique, we implant single follicular units unshaved which are previously placed with a curved 45 degree angle, that is helpful for the later growth .



Our 25 years of clinical experience in hair transplantation, combined with our highly trained medical and paramedical staff, are a strong warranty for restoring androgenetic alopecia (of all types) and treating scalp diseases, achieving successful and natural looking results.

For the hair transplantations, we use the two basic techniques of FUE or FUT (STRIP) methods, or a combination of the two, depending on the needs of each patient.


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